Price list

Price list per character (subject).

This price list is for example only, but gives a good idea of ​​a final price.

Price list for à close-up, head beginning of shoulder or up to the belt according to the format.
Support format, 11in. x 14in (28cm x 36cm) without frame

  • Charcoal $200
  • Pastel $300
  • Oil $500

Dimension, 12in. x 16in (30cm x 40cm) without frame

  • Charcoal $250
  • Pastel $380
  • Oil $600

Dimension, 14in. x 18in (35cm x 45cm) frame included

  • Charcoal $ 330
  • Pastel $ 500
  • Oil $ 750

Dimension, 16in. x 20in (40cm x 50cm) frame included, note that for a second character add $150

  • Charcoal $400
  • Pastel $640
  • Oil $960

Dimension, 20in. x 24in (50cm x 60cm) frame included. Note that the maximum dimensions of charcoals and pastels are 20 x 24 (50cm x 60cm), also for a second character add $150

  • Charcoal $625
  • Pastel $960
  • Oil $1450

Dimension, 24in. x 30in (60cm x 76cm) frame included.

  • Oil $2100

Dimension, 30in. x 40in (76cm x 100cm) frame included.

  • Oil $3600

Dimension, 36in. x 48in (90cm x 120cm) frame included.

  • Oil $5000

Other large dimensions are also available on request. Large sizes of oils can have a landscape background, city scene, building, office, home interior etc.

Color portraits from black and white, fuzzy or very damaged photos may require an increase in price.

Copies on canvas


Copies on canvas (giclées) available from the original portraits made by the artist. Example portrait of deceased parents: Reproduction on canvas in several copies for each member of the family.

Copies starting at $65 for a size of 11 “x 14” (28cm x 36cm), scanning service not included.

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